What You Need To Know About Industrial Shrink Wrapping

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Being a business that deals with large quantities of goods, you can attest to the fact that packaging is vital when it comes to storage or transport, which makes the search for a packaging solution a necessity. Are you looking for the best option to package your goods?Then one of the options that you should consider is using shrink wraps. This method involves the use of a plastic film that is wrapped around the products being packaged then applying some amount of heat to make the film shrink and tightly seal the goods. If not sure about what you are likely to gain by opting to use this method, read through the article below as it covers the main benefits.

♦ Protection

Shrink wrapping protects the products contained therein from damage either from moisture, dirt, and dust. This is due to the tight seal created, after application of heat to the shrink wrap. The covers protect almost all types of products despite their sizes, shapes, and designs, as they can shrink tightly over any product hence holding it in one place. Besides, you can be sure to have your products less likely to get damaged as a result of punctures, abrasions or hard impacts. When the stuff that needs wrapping is vulnerable to harmful rays from the sun, Christopher from Vancouver Shrink Wrap even said that you also have the option to purchase shrink wraps that come with UV protection to make sure that they remain safe!


♦ Durability

Unlike other forms of packaging, shrinks wraps offer superior endurance, making your products less prone to any damage. These covers are of high-quality plastic which is less vulnerable to breakage. Besides, the plastic that composes them does not weaken as a result of temperature changes. Hence, with these wraps covering your goods, you can be sure to expose them to extreme cold or the sun with no changes occurring to your package. This makes this type of packaging suitable for goods that need transportation over long distances.

♦ Discourages tampering

Shrink wraps protect goods in transit against tampering. This is because these covers maintain their shape once used making any form of tampering quickly noticeable. Hence if one tampers with products packaged in these wraps, denying is hard, as you can prove some stretching on the wraps and even a change in the color as a result of the stretching. This makes these covers the best option when one need to transport sensitive stuff such as pharmaceutical products, foods, or legal and banking products. Vancouver Packaging uses small amounts of shrink wrap in all their packaging products to ensure that they aren’t tampered by anyone along the process of getting to the consumer.

♦ Affordability

Shrink wraps offer a cost-efficient means of packaging products. To begin with, its price is very affordable. On the other hand, the fact that it keeps goods bundled in it tight and in place saves much space making it possible to ship lots of products at once and also store many products in the warehouse as a result of saving on the available space. Besides, the extra protection these wraps provide on goods helps save money that may be spent due to the need to replace or repair damaged goods.

♦ Assists with branding

Apart from packaging your goods, these covers provide a means for you to market your products. Shrinks wraps can be worded, designed with pictures and logos that show your company name and products making your company’s name known to many.

♦ Better preservation

Shrink wraps offer a means to preserve products. Whether you need to transport or store products such as food that need preservation, shrink wraps make it possible. Food grade shrinks wraps, for instance, offer a solution for those who need to extend the life of food products.


♦ Convenience

Shrink wraps provide a solution to packaging your products despite their sizes. From small items to the big stuff, you can be sure not to incur any problems when you need a packaging solution. These wraps can also be used when one need to cover an entire building so as to prevent exposure to hazardous elements or prevent chemical leaks. Besides, you can also shrink wrap freight on trailers for easier transportation.

♦ Eco-Friendly

Want to preserve the environment by the packaging products you use? Then, shrink wraps are the suitable packaging materials for you. When it comes to conserving the environment, these wraps are recyclable which is a measure to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Besides, they also are biodegradable meaning that they can decompose safely and quickly.

We all need to protect our products as we can’t be sure of when the weather will change, circumstances that can cause tampering or other mishaps that can occur to products that you need to keep safe either in the warehouse or those in transit. Hence, it is no doubt that shrink wraps are just the perfect solution for the protection of all kinds of goods that need packaging. Since there is no limit to the type or size of products that can be shrinkwrapped, make sure that you use these covers for your convenience.